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How To Install Kodi / XBMC On Your Android Device

4.8.2015. | 14:47
Kodi is a trademark of the XBMC foundation and is also used to describe the media player formally known as XBMC,  a cross platform, free, open source media center that is great for home theater PC’s, Android TV boxes and lets the user interact through a GUI to browse, download and play podcasts, movies, TV shows and music from a hard drive, local network or the internet.  This free software is available for most Android devices running version 4.2 or later of the OS and using an ARM or x86 SoC, for more info check here.
The easiest method of installation is from the Google Play store. Just search for Kodi. The Google Play app should automatically select the correct version of the Kodi player be it ARM or x86 automatically. If however this isn’t an option and you don’t have access to Google Play on your device or region you can follow the method below.

Enabling Installations

Step 1. First navigate to the settings menu on your android device and find the security menu.
Step2. From the security menu select “unknown sources” so as the option is now enabled.
This will now allow you to install apps from unknown sources
XBMC Step2

Download the Kodi APK

Step1. Open up the internet browser on your device and head over to the Kodi Webpage.
Step2. Select the ARM or x86 Version depending on your hardware. Most users will need to select the ARM link unless they have a device running an Intel or AMD CPU, If you are unsure of your hardware check the user manual or manufacture webpage.
Step3. Wait for the .apk file to download from the webpage
XBMC step03

Installation of the .apk file

After the download is completed you need to locate the .apk file.
You can do this from the download menu in your browser or from a file manager / explorer package.
Step 1. Once you have located the .apk file you want to select it. At this point you will probably be offered an option asking what program to open this file with. Such as “Package installer”.
XBMC step 5
Step2. After selecting an installer option you will be shown a prompt asking for permission to install the application. Confirm you want to install the package.

Step3. You may well get a progress bar and you should wait on this screen until the program is installed.

Step 4. Once the installation has been completed you will get a prompt on the screen and there should be an option at this point to open the software. Select this option and open the newly installed software.

Step 5. When the software is fist installed it will take longer than usual to open, this is because on the first run the program will need to finish its setup and make some final adjustments to ensure its runs correctly on your device.
XBMC step 6

Your finished.
Now you will be presented with the Kodi / XMBC home screen and from here you are free to start enjoying streaming of music, to movies and more. Just sit back and enjoy.

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