Thursday, 30 July 2015

3D XPoint Technology - The World is about to get 1,000 times Faster!

Computers, Tablets & Phones are about to get about 1,000 times faster!

Intel/Micron have designed a new generation of memory/processing/storage capacity that is 1,000 times faster than current technologies called 3D X Point.(Pronounced 3D Cross Point). It is designed as a processor but because it is so fast it can be used for storage too, minimum entry level is a 128GByte chip. Compare that with your standard 4GB or 8GB chip you get in entry level Desktops and Laptops today.

It is also used as non volatile which means it doesn't loose data when switched off which would be great in my HTC phone which cant handle more than 32GB of the 1,000 times slower technology! Even if you use it with older solid state technology, which would be necessary for large data farms you will gain an additional feature because the 'processor technology is much closer to the data' meaning much faster data processing and transfer speeds.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

How To Manage Video Autoplay On Facebook

How To Manage Video Autoplay On Facebook

Facebook autoplay
At the end of 2014 Facebook had about 1.39  billion users  but now that increased to over 1.44 billion active monthly users, Facebook is still the number one social network and there is a good chance you, or at least some of your friends and colleagues are on it.
There are lots of things to love about Facebook and maybe a few things to hate, and with frequent and regular updates, it may be a bit hard to keep track of what’s gone, what has changed and what is here to stay.
In this post, we’ll cover how to handle the automatic video playing on the network and how to disable the feature.
We should start off by saying that video is big on Facebook. Video content gets more likes and shares than other posts (a good thing to use if you do any kind of Facebook marketing or want to make your personal account more popular). With all the videos flooding your News Feed, however, you may have noticed that a video will start playing automatically when you scroll to it.
It’s a pretty convenient feature, if you think about it, but it can get annoying as well – especially when you are going through your feed on your smartphone and have a sound from a new movie trailer blasting all the way through the meeting room.
Here’s how to stop video auto-play on your Android phone.
  1. Go to your Facebook Android app>Settings.
  2. (in order to do this, tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your News Feed).
  3. Scroll down to the Help & Settings>App Settings.
  4. Find General Settings and head to Video Auto-Play.
  5. In Video Auto-Play, you will be offered three options:
  • Off, stopping video autoplay on Facebook
  • Wi-Fi only, allowing autoplay only when a Wi-Fi connection is established
  • On, for autoplaying videos on Facebook under any circumstances.
Choose the option you are most comfortable with and there you go.
If you are on IOS platform, the process is quite similar. The only difference in the location where you find the appropriate settings to change.
  1. Go to your phone’s Settings and scroll down until you get to Facebook.
  2. Now, under Facebook, choose Settings>Video>Auto-play.
  3. From there on, you will get the same three options, as with Android: on, off and Wi-Fi only.