Thursday, 17 September 2015

Parental Control On Child’s Cell Phone

How To Put Parental Control On Child’s Cell Phone

17.6.2015. | 10:40
A lot of kids carry a cell phone to school these days. Whether they use it to boost up their social stature among their peers, or to be able to stay in touch with their loved ones, parents especially. Truth is, more and more children have a cell phone that they use on a daily basis.
Bonus of Cell Phone?
There are so many ways cell phone prove beneficial for our kids. Though one must remember that excess of everything is bad! And kids don’t really understand this. Increased use of mobile device does help, for instance, parents can always ring up their kids and inquire about where they are, they can share media, can browse internet to search up a topic, and many more!

But on the contrary, increased use of mobile devices has raised up other issues as well! According to the facts, kids commonly come across what we call the challenges in Cyber safety.       These challenges are quite loud and have a very strong impact on the emotional security of children. Common challenges one faces with cyber safety rules are :

  • Cyber bullying ! A very common yet strange phenomenon that kids face. Similarly kids get mobile bullied, and this is increasing more and more with every passing day. Hate messages, threatening messages and such irrelevant messages can cast a deep scar on the kids.
  • Sexting! This has become really common and is not accepted. Kids don’t understand that sending texts and illicit images of them can land them into trouble.
  • Life logging! Children seem so addicted to tagging each and every activity of theirs on social networking websites. This is pretty alarming, since you won’t want your kid to be stalked by a stranger based on the location your child shares on their accounts.
  • Approachable? Kids seem to be texting unnecessarily, they are intrigued by the idea of messaging their friends and this leads them to sending uncountable messages in a day. This reduces their decision making process and time management as well.

How To Safeguard Your Child?
online bully
The downright way to make sure your child is safe, is by having them know that you’re concerned about them. Children should be made aware about the various threats that might be posing with the increased cell phone usage. Still if you want to make sure that your child stays in your supervision without having them know about it, then it’s better to install a parental control software on their cell phone such as mSpy app review.
If you install a cell phone spyware on your child’s cell phone, then you will be able to stick close to them because the software lets you to monitor your child’s cell phone activities closely but in a hidden way. The app can be installed in your child’s cell phone, and since it remains hidden in the background, there’s no way your child will be able to detect its presence.
This child monitoring software has many feature like see messages, emails, websites browsing, contacts, call logs, GPS location of the monitored cell phone. This way you will be able to monitor your kids and see if they lead a normal life and are not bullied or threatened by anyone, and likewise.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hybrid Tablets

The Pros And Cons Of A Hybrid Tablet

More and more things in tech now come with the word “hybrid” in them. It’s meant to tell us that the product in question combines the best of two technologies and thus, gives us the ultimate tool for a better life.
Hybrid tablets come with the same message. They are a mix between a PC and a standard tablet and aim to be both portable and fit for most PC assignments.
Let’s take a closer look at what these devices actually are and who might benefit from them the most.
As we have already mentioned, hybrids are a cross between a computer and tablet and differ from both of them in a number of elements.

Hybrids come with detachable keyboards 
This makes them perfect for those who often work on the go and prefer to have a lightweight device with them. Let’s face it, typing on a tablet screen is fun and easy – but if you have to write several emails a day and edit a few reports – you will miss the convenience of a standard keyboard in a heartbeat.
With a hybrid computer, you will be able to work on PowerPoint presentation, write lengthy emails and reports, work with documents and other digital papers in the same manner as you would do so on a regular computer.
Venstar PC Tablet, 7.85 Inch IPS Screen + Detachable Keyboard

Hybrids are powerful
While standard tablet PCs have come a long way and come with pretty great specs, there is still a difference between using them and working on a PC. Hybrids intend to bridge the gap, by combining the size and light weight of a tablet with the specs and functionality of a PC. This means, you will be getting better a higher speed of operation, larger memory capacity and more.
MeeGoPad 2-in-1 tablet, Windows 8.1, 10 Inch Screen, 64 GB ROM

Hybrids offer more accessories
A number of hybrid models come with a full-sized USB drive, allowing you to connect to lots of devices and transfer your files onto the hybrid easily and with no need for any special accessories. What’s more, you will be able to customize your computer with expandable memory, thanks to a micro-SD card.

Hybrids are multipurpose
No matter what you have in mind for your hybrid PC, it will do a great job of handling your requirements. With more power and memory, come better media capabilities, and you will be able to enjoy movies, video clips, browsing the web and more with no lagging.
Office tasks will also be handled with ease – a detachable keyboard and powerful specs will see to that.

A PC + Android Interface
Android hybrids combine the functionality of a computer with the best feature of Android OS. So, while having a multifunctional and powerful device, you will still have access to the Play Store, and will be able to enrich the experience with the latest office and productivity applications or media apps.
With all that said, there may be a few things about a hybrid computer that you might not appreciate.

Bulky, compared to tablets
With all its portability, a hybrid will still come with a slightly larger size than a tablet – just because of the detachable keyboard alone. This may not be a big issue, but for those users who aim for gadgets on the smaller scale – this is something to consider.

As you are getting a 2-in-1 device, it is natural to expect the price to be affected by it. Hybrids tend to reach deeper into your pockets, as they offer more diverse capabilities.
With all the above considerations in mind, the choice is up to you. From a general standpoint, a person who would benefit from a hybrid the most would be someone who:
  • often works on the go
  • needs to create presentations, work with documents or write lots of emails
  • doesn’t find tablets to have enough juice for their projects
  • finds typing on touchscreens inconvenient
  • doesn’t like to travel with a laptop

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lenovo due to release Computer on a Stick

In the world of Windows PC sticks there isn’t much to choose from, there is the Compute Stick from Intel the MeeGoPad T02 second generation PC stick that came out in April this year and offers the same performance but for a better price than the Intel option.
Both these devices run on Windows 8.1 and have very similar performances with Intel Bay Trail processors. This week Lenovo has announced its joining the other two computer stick manufactures with its new PC on a stick release that it calls the Ideacentre Stick 300.
The main draw to all these devices is their portability and ability to turn any TV or monitor with an HDMI port into a computer that can do all the jobs you would normally do on any desktop PC.
Lenovo’s offering is expected to be at  the higher end in price. It will be powered by an Intel Atom processor and should feature 2GB of RAM, 32GB of on-board Storage and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a micro USB port and card reader.
This creation from Lenovo may find it hard to compete with the already established MeeGoPad T02 which offers a very similar spec for  less and include one extra USB port, however the arrival of a newcomer to this developing market will surely raise the stakes for future editions of these portable pocket computers.
The Lenovo Computer stick is due out sometime later this summer but if you dot want to wait why not check out the MeeGoPad T02 at which is available today at great wholesale prices.

You don't want to throw your old PC/Laptop into Landfill?

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How Does It Work?
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We leave your old drive in (presuming there is space which is the case in 99% of the time) and slot in the SSD drive beside it which is a complete copy of your old drive. You will still be able to access your old drive which can be especially useful if there is free space on it. But the big surprise is that your old drive will also be nearly as fast as your new drive. So it will be way faster than it used to be. There are techie reasons for this which we are not going to go into here. Basically your whole computer will be up to 10 times faster than it was 48 hours earlier!
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