Thursday, 3 September 2015

You don't want to throw your old PC/Laptop into Landfill?

  You don't want to  throw your old PC/Laptop into Landfill? Here's a way to make it faster than if you had just bought it today and we mean many times faster.

Is your old laptop or PC too slow but you would like to keep it or give it to family or a friend. Using SSD technology we can make your PC or Laptop up to 10 times faster. You will keep all your existing applications operating system old data but your computer will be as fast as a brand new one.
Why would you use this service ?
You have old computers lying around that can be used again with speed
You buy a new laptop but you want to give your old one to a family member
You have important applications that wont work with newer versions of Windows
You don't want the hassle or the time to switch from your old PC or laptop to a new one and find you are missing data or old programs wont work
You have a bunch of old XP computers that work perfectly well ( eg: Internet cafe's schools clubs etc ) but you just want to speed them up without the cost of replacing them.

How Does It Work?
We transfer all your data, programmes and applications onto a new SSD drive and then we install it in your computer. It’s that simple.
Laptops: We replace your old drive with all your software and data on a new SSD drive. We also give you back your old drive so that you will have a complete backup of everything to-date
Desktop PCs: 

We leave your old drive in (presuming there is space which is the case in 99% of the time) and slot in the SSD drive beside it which is a complete copy of your old drive. You will still be able to access your old drive which can be especially useful if there is free space on it. But the big surprise is that your old drive will also be nearly as fast as your new drive. So it will be way faster than it used to be. There are techie reasons for this which we are not going to go into here. Basically your whole computer will be up to 10 times faster than it was 48 hours earlier!
For further information and pricing go this link

Just make it up to ten times faster with SSD

Keep it out Landfill

IT STAYS FAST ALL THE TIME - a new computer will slow down as you add programs and data

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