Thursday, 30 July 2015

3D XPoint Technology - The World is about to get 1,000 times Faster!

Computers, Tablets & Phones are about to get about 1,000 times faster!

Intel/Micron have designed a new generation of memory/processing/storage capacity that is 1,000 times faster than current technologies called 3D X Point.(Pronounced 3D Cross Point). It is designed as a processor but because it is so fast it can be used for storage too, minimum entry level is a 128GByte chip. Compare that with your standard 4GB or 8GB chip you get in entry level Desktops and Laptops today.

It is also used as non volatile which means it doesn't loose data when switched off which would be great in my HTC phone which cant handle more than 32GB of the 1,000 times slower technology! Even if you use it with older solid state technology, which would be necessary for large data farms you will gain an additional feature because the 'processor technology is much closer to the data' meaning much faster data processing and transfer speeds.

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