Friday, 30 October 2015

Having Problems Waking Up in the Morning?

Would you get out of bed fast if you’re woken up by a stranger’s voice?
Wakie, an apps which connects you with total strangers to either be woken up by. It works a little like an old-school hotel wake-up call service. After signing in with your phone number(phone numbers are kept private), users are divided into two groups: Wakies and Sleepyheads. Sleepyheads are the anti-morning folks who want to be woken up and wakies are the users that want to do the waking.
So after that, Wakie specifically tries to pair you with someone of the opposite sex, and then you will start your mornings with the most awkward minute-long blind date. If there is no one available to wake you, the app will generate an automated call. Wakees can rate the wakers too. Sounds fun?
Wakie Alarm App
(Images via Wakie app)
Download for: Android | Windows Phone
(To read more: Wakie)

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