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Irish Independent 13th November 2013

The Convention Centre in Dublin
If you own a website you've probably wondered how you can ensure customers who visit your site enjoy a positive experience, maximising the chance they will make a purchase.

The Ultimate Customer Journey Roadshow, taking place next Tuesday November 18 at CCD, The Convention Centre, Dublin will take participants through creating a customer experience including how to:

- Reduce dropout as a result of customer being unable to find what they are looking for
-  Create genuine feedback and product service reviews that consumers can rely on
- Use automation to increase revenue and build customer loyalty and engagement
- Develop new online and in-store services and to create a successful multichannel strategy
The roadshow will highlight how to navigate such a tough process effectively in order to boost return on investment and gain greater engagement and loyalty from customers.
The conference will produce significant networking opportunities for those in eCommerce with speakers at the event including Easons, Cisco, Tesco and F&F Clothing and attendees such as eBay, Aviva, Unilever, World of Electronics and Lifestyle Sports. is the media partner for this event.

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