Friday, 2 May 2014

Hardy GPS Devices: 6 Great GPS Watches You Have To Check Out

Wearable GPS devices are always a good idea when you are out engaged in outdoor activities or need to be as focused as possible on the task you are attending to. Truckers, pilots, hikers, cyclists – all these folks and more will benefit from being able to quickly glance down at your GPS-enabled devices without the need for Internet access.
So what types of satellite tracking watches will work best for your needs? Here’s a quick selection of the better ones out on the market:
GPS watch
World of Electronics G170-N1 GPS Cell Phone Watch
Not all of the greatest wrist-worn GPS tracking devices out there. The G170-N1 is a workable GPS watch phone that will pinpoint your coordinates when a separate cell phone sends an SMS to it – allowing you and your loved ones to pinpoint your exact coordinates on free mapping services like Google Maps. Best of all, you can store up to three numbers and call them in case you find yourself in trouble.
Garmin D2 Watch
The Garmin D2 is one of those GPS devices designed specifically for airplane pilots. You can customize the interface to place waypoints along your flight plan and can even be set up to create an ETA based on the speed you are traveling. The watch itself comes with a regular compass as well as a barometer and altimeter to boot – making it one of the better GPS trackers out there for pilots.
Suunto Ambit2
The Suunto Ambit2 is not only a competent line of GPS devices but is also robust enough to work with various sports-oriented apps out there. It can keep track of useful stats for various sports, like cadence for cycling and interval speeds for swimming. It also provides a lot of useful data for hikers as well, from routes and coordinates to a three-dimensional compass and a feature that will automatically guide you back to your starting point.
GolfBuddy WT3 GPS Watch
Now this is the golfer’s GPS watch of choice. It comes with around 36,000 golf courses pre-loaded in its memory – a boggling number that allows it to pinpoint exactly where you are on any given golf course. You can then take a top-down view of your position, which does wonders for letting a golfer get an immediate feel for the hazards as well as the location of the holes on a course.
Nike Sportwatch+ GPS
The Nike Sportwatch+ was designed for the runner, with its GPS devices letting you know where you are as well as providing a plethora of other useful stats for running. These include trackers to measure your pace, timers to gauge your performance, pedometers to check the distance traveled, interval tools to automatically note down your laps and even a calorimeter that estimates the calories you’ve burned.
Adidas miCoach SMART RUN
Adidas’ miCoach SMART RUN has all the features previously mentioned for Nike’s Sportwatch+, but the former has an edge over the latter: audio coaching and Bluetooth capacity. The miCoach is basically a device that is not just for GPS navigation and stat-tracking but also as a media player of sorts. It’ll be able to play music while shooting off verbal coaching tips as you focus on your activity. These features are also why the miCoach will cost a lot compared to the other devices on this list.

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