Thursday, 17 October 2013

Feed up being Spied upon by everybody from Google to US Government (Actually its not really spying if they admit it!)

Less techie alternative to Tor

VPNium: Private Browsing Over Encrypted VPN

VPNium is a desktop application for Windows that lets you browse the internet anonymously by acting as a VPN between your computer and the internet. This way, you can surf the web while hiding your real IP address. The application boasts plenty of features like 256 – 2048 bit encryption, zero registration for free variant, and full access to blocked or partially unavailable online services in your vicinity.


The application gives you a choice of two server locations in the free variant i.e. Germany and Luxembourg. To unlock additional servers, you will need to opt for one of the premium plans. Premium users can activate their desired subscription via purchasing the required code from VPNium website, followed by entering it into the activation window of the app. Simply type in the code, click Activate and you’re done.

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