Thursday, 5 September 2013

Android App for Quickly Downloading Facebook Photos

Something you can't normally do on Newsfeed


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At times, we come across some great photos while browsing on Facebook News Feed on our mobile or Android Tablet and feel like saving a copy. Unfortunately, the official Facebook mobile apps don’t allow that. Though, if you are on Android, Facebook Photo Downloader provides an excellent solution. The app is available for free at Google Play Store.


The app lets you download photos from any Facebook profile as long as their privacy settings make them accessible to you. It works in conjunction with the official Facebook app and provides a 1-click download solution without leaving the interface of the official Facebook app, and that’s exactly its defining feature. The photo is saved to your device without losing any quality.  To get started, download and install the app on your device and open the Facebook app. Now open any photo that you want to download. The app allows you to download photos associated to your own and other people’s profiles. Next, tap the Share button from the menu followed by tapping ‘1Click Save’ and voila! The image will be downloaded and saved to the internal storage of your device in a folder labelled Facebook Pics.

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